"I never met a coach who told me, 'look, you will be a top player'. I scored a lot of goals but I did not have from a coach who said, 'if you do this and this better, you will play at at high level'.

Robert Lewandowski interview

"It did not matter what I did with the team, I knew I had to stay after training to do things for myself. Sometimes I did it without a goalkeeper, who might have been tired or not have time for me, because I would stay on for two extra hours.

"I remember the first six months at Dortmund, the training was very hard under Jurgen Klopp. I was very young and wanted to show everyone I could do it 110% in every training session.

"After two or three months, I was very tired and could not show all my skills. It was too much for me and I needed three months lighter training to get back to form.

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Five goals in nine minutes - 'I was angry I didn't start'
Robert Lewandowski

Lewandowski joined Dortmund's Bundesliga rivals Bayern Munich in 2014.

In September 2015, Bayern were trailing 1-0 to Wolfsburg in the league and Lewandowski appeared as a half-time substitute to turn the match around in spectacular fashion by scoring five goals in just nine minutes.

"I was injured from the Champions League game previously and angry I did not play from the start. I was on the bench, but the five goals in nine minutes will stay with me all my life. I never thought I could do that.